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Feeding Write-Up
Across India, the impact of the lockdown on strays has been massive. With people no longer venturing to feed stray animals and the incorrect rumors that are scaring owners into abandoning their pets, life for animals on the streets has become increasingly difficult as they struggle to survive, hungry and starving, with no means to communicate their pain.

So, Drools has begun its ‘Feed the Stray’ initiative and we urge you to help us make this a success. For every donation that you make, Drools will make an additional donation of 25% and will donate that amount in food to animal welfare NGOs across the country. No amount is too little and each donation will go towards feeding a hungry mouth that is helpless and alone.

Your Donnation Goes To
World for all Canine Centre, Mumbai
They are Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation, that rescues and sterilizes the stray.
Blue Cross of Hyderabad
They are recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India, and has been working for the welfare of animals since 1992.
Charlies Animal Rescue Centre , Bangalore
CARE treats and shelters ill, injured & abandoned animals & helps them to get adopted.
Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, Delhi
SGACC provides sick, wounded, and abandoned animals food, shelter, medication, kindness, safety, and care.
Resq, Pune
They rescued and rehabilitated over 12,000 injured and sick street animals every year and run a Free Street Animal Hospital.
Streets Dog Watch Association, Kovlam
A non profit NGO in Kerala, S. India. Our focus is to Sterilise, Adopt, Vaccinate, Educate & Rescue.
Pets 101 Foundation, Chennai
They are working to provide shelter and food to the strays in Chennai.
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